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Food Meal Plans

Week 17

It has been a week full of stomach bugs, ginger ale and crackers. I’m just glad that we are finally seeing the light. It feels like we get over one type of sickness and we are hit with something completely different. Truth is I’m tired. Nevertheless, thank you for always coming to my little corner …

Food Meal Plans

Week 16 Meal Plan

If you’re still rocking with me then this is where I say thank you and I really appreciate your support. If there are different meals you would like to see please leave me a comment or a message to let me know. I’m always on instagram so you can hit me up there too. Now …

Food Meal Plans

Week 15 Meal Plan!

If you’re reading this I just want to say thank you! This endeavor has been a true lesson in consistency and discipline! The past two weeks have been stressful because the whole family has been sick with the flu or some variation of it. Many days I don’t feel like doing anything but you guys …

Food Meal Plans

Week 14 Meal Plan

February is finally here! Can we all just agree that January was the longest year ever! Its definitely not how I planned on bringing the new decade in! It’s been a full struggle that I plan on rewarding myself for just getting to the other side! You should too. Black history month is one of …

Food Meal Plans

Week 12 Meal Plan

Wow It’s been a whole 3 weeks since I’ve done a meal plan! I thought I could cook while I was visiting family back home but amazingly nobody wanted me to. Something about me having 3 kids and probably needing a break. The only exception was my mama and cooking in her kitchen was like …

Food Meal Plans

Week 11 Meal Plan

This week has me ready to EAT! I am in awe every week of how long this has gone on. I find it hard to be consistent with a lot of things because they are so far out of our routine. Food blogging can be expensive when you are buying items for a recipe just …

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