Here it is almost 2019 and I find myself in the same place as last year… the pregnant place.

Just kidding! I am actually over the moon about having another baby and can’t wait to see how Mason will react to having a sibling. I think a part of me can’t wait to live through their relationship because both of my siblings are so much older than me.

Is it just me or is the best thing about siblings is that someone immediately understands your frustrations with your parents?? 75% of my conversations with my sister starts with ‘Let me tell you about your mama!’. We literally live for these types of conversations because we know that no one else understands.

It was important for my children to have siblings because I knew that they would always have someone in the world and they probably wouldn’t have to go through anything alone. I cant guarantee that they will be close but I’ll do whatever I can to make this a reality.

This post isn’t about siblings tho… This post is about pregnancy and how I am experiencing every craving there is and then hating it afterwards.

I have nicknamed the fetus ‘the beast’ because that is what it literally feels like when I get hungry. I get no warning, no response time… Nothing! It’s like I just have to eat whatever is closest to me… some times it doesn’t even care if its edible. It doesn’t even care if it goes together.

Peanut butter, mustard and pita bread? EAT IT!!

Then IMMEDIATELY afterwards I feel terrible! Even if I have a very specific craving like a cheeseburger and fries, I end up complying and then my stomach is sour for hours afterwards. It’s like feeding the beast and then it WHINES for 2 hours afterwards.

What is your problem? I fed you!

I actually gave you exactly what you asked for!!

This can’t be life!

Actually it is life… and its my life for probably the next 6 months.

Today what brings us here is a yogurt parfait and pickles. Thats all that was in my refrigerator and that’s what we are eating.


Parfaits are simple… you don’t need me to give you a recipe.

All you need is yogurt, granola, and fruit. There is no right way or wrong way. It’s just your way. I love to add honey or agave to mine cause I’m addicted to sugar. Judge me not.

I know what you’re thinking… all you had in your refrigerator was this semi healthy parfait and you’re trying to push this like it was a last resort meal.

Nothing about this screams survival or reminds you of your favorite episode of the walking dead. I just want you to know I ate all the good stuff already. All the pb&j sandwiches, deli meat, ice cream, french fries and I was left with this. These items are what I told myself I would eat in the morning as a way to be healthy but ‘the beast’ rarely craves yogurt. So it was literally all I had in the refrigerator… survival.


I didn’t take pictures of the pickles because that would kinda be gross. Not kinda… but really gross, I’m not here to punish anybody.

I’ll happily be in this purgatory alone…