To be perfectly clear I live in a suburb OUTSIDE of D.C. Residents of D.C. take offense to you saying you live in D.C. when you actually don’t. In defense of the suburbs nobody really know any of them by name so it’s just easier to say “Washington, D.C.” or “DMV”. Either way I hardly get to visit the city because traffic is terrible and it’s only a small window of time that it’s not extremely congested.


\\\\\\\\\\;;;;;;;]’]]]]];  <—— This is Mason beating on my keyboard, adding in his 2 cents. I’d like to think he’s telling anybody that has a problem with my verbiage to come see him. He’s protective like that.
late show smiling GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

In a quest to find my new self in this new city I decided to get out and see what it has to offer. I love all things creative and art in all forms is life. I was on airbnb looking for accommodations in a different city when I saw that they offer experiences. D.C. has ‘Instagrammable walking tours’ so I figured I would do my own.

I took my son around to some of D.C.’s most instagram worthy street murals and I must say that we really had a great time. I was blown away at some of the art and how great it was. I definitely want my children to be well rounded and see all that this great city has to offer.

We went to the watermelon house… Yes! An actual house thats painted like a watermelon.

IMG_1704I literally got the idea and my husband was down to play photographer for us. I mean he really pulled out all the stops. I mean got all of our angles just right! Bless that man of mine!


Let me tell you what is hard…

DOING ANYTHING WITH A BABY THATS THE SIZE OF THE TODDLER AND HAS THE STRENGTH OF SAMSON! These instagram stars make it look easy. I swear I took 8,475 pictures just to get on good one.

Let me show you some of the outtakes because it was like trying to drag a horse to drink water… just not happening!!


Mason: This looks dirty

Me: No, it’s fine just sit for a second.

Mason: …No


Mason: I think I can walk on my own.

Me: Actually you can’t

Mason: No let me show you. I can totally do it.


Mason: So it’s no real food here…

Me: Smile for the camera…



Mason: How long are we going to be here?


We then headed over to Blind Whino which is a church that has been turned into an art museum. It is just gorgeous and so very creative. We lucked up on a new exhibit about the Negro baseball league. Huge shoutout to the Birmingham Black Barons that were featured in the exhibit. Birmingham, Alabama is my hometown and has a rich history in the Civil Rights Movement.


Yes I am the mom whose child never has on socks or shoes. I mean we start out with great intentions but he usually snatches them off before we even make it to the freeway. Sometimes you just gotta pick your battle.



Babies are attracted to bright colors and I thought that his would be a great activity to get my son out of the house and immerse him in the culture.


Getting out and getting to know the city has been such a great experience. I’ve been trying to find a new normal for my life so I can get back to loving me. Stay tuned for our next adventure!